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Excel Industries
Excel Industries

ICIE focus on work-based learning, so you apply your academic studies to your workplace. This ensures that the learning is relevant to both you and your employer. To make this program accessible by all, we have designed diverse courses with unexampled methodologies unlike other similar trainings programs.

# Cost reduction: Programs at CII in College Campus ejects extra hostel/ travelling Cost of after B.Tech programs.

# Time Optimization: via Sandwich Courses simultaneously during B.Tech Program will convert additional learning year of regular course into earning year after graduation.

# Methodology: Presentations on technical topics, brain storming sessions, problem solving tools, creative skills, practical experiences, case studies etc.

# Lifetime Technical Assistance: Providing lifetime technical support and guidance free of cost for all, who are connected with us.

# Entreneurship Skills: Mentoring with inclusiveness of qualities such as technical skills, positive aptitude & attitude, system understanding, business acumen, calculated risk taking capabilities, understanding initial challenges with organization management skills, etc.

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